“Are the custom luxury units provided by this company hand-sewn or machine-wefted?”

Each custom, luxury unit currently provided by NneStyledYou is constructed using a sewing-machine base. This technique ensures longevity of your purchase while allowing the purchaser a custom-fit. Your unit is guaranteed to last years with periodic swapping of current lace piece as time allows.

"This is my first experience - which lace should I choose?

Lace preference varies among individual. Before decided upon a specific lace fabric, it is best to first assess your current lifestyle. I typically recommend and suggest lace to clients depending on lace experience, knowledge And lifestyle. Here are a few questions to assist upon making a decision — Are you a person that is rough on their extensions/units in general? Do you prefer the appearance of soft (baby)hairs in lace? What is your complexion? Do you prefer adhesive? Would you prefer to remove your units/extensions at the end of the day? How do you usually manipulate your installs/units?

Generally,  a Film lace is recommended in beginning your lace journey. This lace is subsequently thinner than a traditional transparent Swiss lace/can rip - to be dealt with greater care - best recommended for those opposing baby hair or adhesives. Able to be utilized with minimal, little-to-no baby hair.

“I’ve been told HD film lace does not last, requires more maintenance, harder to maintain — is this true?”

HD film lace (if installed and maintained correctly) can and will allow you more than one or two-wears. HD film lace has the ability to last you a few months, with proper maintenance — minus minor balding that may occur with repeated wear one side. Again, this would solely depend on how lace is manipulated/unit is worn — the use of adhesives or Got2be gel can diminish the lifespan of your film lace.


“I’ve been told HD film lace has larger knots ventilated into lace — is this true?”

All HD film lace products are not and should not be distributed with “large” knots. Due to our current Covid-19 pandemic, wholesalers are attempting to get over in sales by rushing construction in hopes of anticipated sales — distribution at a quicker rate in hopes of gaining more profit. Why is this a problem? By rushing construction, larger knots are being ventilated into lace to cut down on time restraints — BIG PROBLEM! Please try and avoid this. This will alter the total outcome of your entire install. Know what you are buying, trust your distributor or stylist your are purchasing from, educate yourself on what you are purchasing. Lace appearance solely depends on quality and your actual wholesaler.

"Am I required to drop my lace off in advance to my install date?

Not at all! Lace is customized during your scheduled installment service.


"How long will my lace unit/sewn installment last?"

The lifespan of lace applications typically range from person-person, lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks with proper installation before a maintenance is required. Sewn installments generally will last anywhere between 4-7 weeks, requiring maintenance at 3 week intervals. The longevity of your lace itself is determined by manipulation/care. Refrain from scratching, poking, and unnecessary pulling for best experience. Proper instructions are given during lace installment service.


'How do I purchase bundles/lace/units for my upcoming appointment?"

All purchases are to be made online at www.nnestyledyou.com. Please consider shipment duration in conjunction with scheduled service.

"Which type of hair and textures do you provide?"

We currently provide Raw Indian temple extensions supplied by one of India’s top raw extension manufacturers  - available in textures of straight or wavy, natural brown and 613. Each specifically picked 3.5oz (roughly 4oz) bundle is 100% raw/unprocessed, single donor, and double drawn for precision in length/ultimate fullness. Wefted extensions will arrive in variations of natural brown. You are freely able to color and style your extensions whichever way desired —ie: thermal styling, color processing, texture alteration etc.

How long does this hair last?

You will experience guaranteed longevity with each extension/lace purchase. Our hair will last anywhere from 2-3 years+ with proper utilization!

How would I place a custom unit order other than what is provided?

Custom unit orders are to be placed via phone or email at the time of monthly scheduled unit openings. Unit order requests are to generally be responded to within a 24-48hr timeframe.

"How many bundles should I purchase along with a scheduled service?"

Required quantity of bundles for installation will solely depend on the sizing of lace being provided for installment, specified lengths, as well as desired outcome. Weft lengths will vary from company-company; this would be an estimate for extensions provided by nnestyledyou.com only. It is recommended 2 bundles (up to 14” in length) of raw Indian extensions are purchased for full sew-in weave paired with 13x4, 13x5, or 13x6 sizing of lace frontals. This same guideline would apply to 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6+ lace closures. We recommend purchasing 3 bundles of raw Indian extensions in lengths of 16” to 22”. We recommend 3 or more bundles for lengths 24″+. Please be very mindful in regards to this guideline. the density of your install will impact your final look.